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Your Excellency/Consul General:

I am writing to you as someone who cares deeply about Israel and its reputation in the international community.

I am appalled by the phenomenon of human trafficking in Israel. Thousands of women have been smuggled into the country to “work” as sex slaves. These women are beaten, raped, starved and caged. The state of Israel cannot and must not allow slavery to exist within its borders.

The government must make this issue a national priority. More resources need to be dedicated to cracking down on perpetrators, assisting victims and preventing the continued smuggling of women across the Egyptian border.

As a member of the American Jewish community, I call upon the government of Israel to step up its efforts to fight this atrocity. Israel must invest greater time and resources to become a world leader in the fight to end modern slavery.

I urge you to use every opportunity to help raise this issue to the top of the national agenda.

Jane Doe

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