Approximate Time: 5-10 minutes/person

Few people take the time to write letters to public officials so a handful of letters can make a big impact. That’s why we recommend that as many people as possible write about human trafficking. It is best if public officials receive a “flood” of letters but writing on behalf of many people is also an effective way of showing that many people care about this issue. If your friends are unlikely to send letters themselves, you might ask them if you can include their signatures on your letter.

Personally written letters make a much bigger impact than form letters. By taking the time to write your own letter, you demonstrate that you care deeply about this issue and thought carefully about what you have written.

Sample Letter | Suggested Recipients

Instructions for Writing a Letter
  1. Choose a public official from the list below. Look at the list of suggested letter recipients for both Israeli and US letter-writers.
  2. Read the talking points we have prepared. They provide some central points that you may want to focus on in your letter:
    • It’s time to end slavery in Israel.
    • Israel is a destination country for human trafficking. Thousands of women have been smuggled into the state of Israel for purposes of sex slavery. Victims are exploited in a cruel and inhumane manner, beaten, raped and starved.
    • Israel must do more to eradicate sex slavery. Authorities can do more to crack down on perpetrators, shut down brothels and assist victims. Israel must close its border to the smuggling of trafficking victims.
    • It’s a matter of priority. More resources need to be directed towards fighting this atrocity. Human trafficking is a threat to the moral fiber of Israel and a stain on the country’s reputation. Ending slavery must become a top priority for the country. Israel can and should become a world leader in this fight against modern slavery.
  3. Think about what you would like to say and the order you’d like to say it in. By planning in advance, you can avoid writing more than one draft.
  4. Write the letter. Make sure to use the proper title of the person to whom you are addressing the letter. Don’t forget to sign the letter in clear large letters.
  5. Mail or fax the letter. The list of suggested recipients includes the mailing addresses and fax numbers of key Israeli public officials. If you fax the letter, make sure to call and confirm that it was received.

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