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March, 2007

Dear Prime Minister Olmert, and Minister Dichter,

It is with sadness and urgency that we, a coalition of rabbis, rabbinical students, and cantors, send you this letter regarding human trafficking and sex slavery in Israel. As individuals deeply committed to Israel and the Zionist vision, we cannot sit idly by while an evil of this proportion permeates Israel society. For too long, the illegal trade of women has gone largely unpunished and only half-addressed. As identified in the 2006 U.S. State Department Trafficking in Persons Report, Israel is a primary destination country for women lured or kidnapped from the Former Soviet Union for sex slavery. According to various government and NGO reports, the horrific chain of sex trafficking ultimately leads thousands of helpless women into lives of bondage and misery each year. Gross violations of Israeli law, international law, and human rights occur daily, while significant action has yet to be taken against those master-minding and running the slave trade.

The continued presence of human trafficking is an embarrassment to those who sought to create Israel as a moral and compassionate nation, and to those who continue to love and defend Israel as a “light unto nations”. It is now time for action; it is time for justice. We recognize that some strides have been made, even within the past months: establishment of an inter-ministerial coordinator to address the situation; adoption of a new position paper and working plan for combating human trafficking by developing enforcement, prevention, and protection mechanisms. We applaud these efforts but call upon you to intensify your efforts to eradicate trafficking and slavery from Israel’s borders. We urge you take the next steps and to utilize all your authority and resources to eliminate trafficking from the State of Israel.

  • Specifically we ask Israel do its utmost to cut off the "supply" of enslaved women into the country by closing its border with Egypt to trafficking.
  • We demand all brothels and “discreet apartments” known to the police be permanently closed.
  • We urge all involved in the trafficking of women be investigated, arrested, and prosecuted.
  • We ask that steps recently taken to curb sex slavery be closely monitored and enforced by all concerned ministries of the government.

It is painful to point to and address this dark stain on Israel’s moral reputation. It is difficult to make this a priority in the face of ongoing threats of terror and war. But we do so in order that Israel remain worthy of the devotion and dedication of her best sons and daughters who defend her borders and her name, Medinat Yisrael, the State that would wrestle with God.

"The Rabbinic Coalition Against Human Trafficking Slavery in Israel"

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