An effective way of reaching public officials is to call their offices. You will be able to speak with a staff member or leave a message. The more calls a person receives, the more important the issue becomes. That’s why we recommend that as many people as possible call about human trafficking. It is best if public officials receive a “flood” of calls but leaving a message on behalf of many people is also an effective way of showing that many people care about this issue. If your friends are unlikely to call, you might ask them if you can call and leave a message in their names as well.

Suggested Call Recipients

Instructions for Placing the Call
  1. Choose a public official from the suggested recipients list.
  2. Call the office. Most often, you will not be able to speak directly to the public official and will be transferred to a staff member. Do not be disheartened. Staff members are in constant communication with public officials and will convey the message that you leave.
  3. Make sure that the staff member takes a message for you. Often they will just listen and your message might not get recorded. Have them take down your name and address, and clearly state your reason for calling.
    • If you are an Israeli citizen, we recommend that you leave a message which focuses on the importance of this issue to Israel at large. Emphasize that this is an important issue to yourself and your friends. You might say something like: “I am an Israeli citizen and I am calling to demand that [name of public official] do everything that [he/she] can to end human trafficking in Israel.”
    • If you are an American citizen (and particularly if you are a member of the organized Jewish community), your opinion has a lot of sway with Israeli public officials, probably much more than you think. You might say something like: “I am a member of the American Jewish communities and I am calling to demand that Israel do everything in its power to end human trafficking within its borders.”
  4. Thank the staff member for his/her help. Staff members are more likely to remember your call if you are courteous and treat them with respect.

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