You can make a difference! Here are some ideas of what you can personally do to help end modern slavery in Israel.

South Africa and Australia Campaign Against Human Trafficking in Israel
Join 4 visiting Jewish students in Israel with their campaign to lobby the government of Israel to stop human trafficking in Israel.

Write a Letter
Few people take the time to write letters to public officials so a handful of letters can make a big impact. Here are some people you might contact and some talking points to use in your letter. Go »

Make a Call
Bring slavery to the attention of key officials by calling to express your concern. The more calls a person receives, the more important the issue becomes. Here are some suggestions to get you started. Go »

Sign Our Petition
Demonstrate your commitment to ending modern slavery in Israel by signing our petition. This is a quick and easy way to support our cause. Go »

Attention Rabbis & Cantors
We coordinate a special petition called Pidyon for Rabbis and Cantors of all denominations in countries throughout the world. Fill out this form to sign the petition and tell other Rabbis as well. Go »

Educate Others
Help educate your community about human trafficking and defeat the myth that slavery is a thing of the past. We have prepared an education packet for you to use to teach others about human trafficking including lesson plans. Go » –>

Host an Event
Events are a fun way to get people thinking about human trafficking and what they can do to help. Events can be low-key and don’t need to involve too much planning. Here are some instructions about how to put together an event, including instructions on how to promote it. Go »

Raise the Issue with Israeli Speakers
One of the most effective ways to get the attention of politicians is to challenge them in public. Attend lectures and events of Israeli officials and raise this issue. Go »

Take a look at our intern job postings for opportunities to help the Task Force raise awareness about slavery and promote change.
Go »

For general inquiries about how to get involved, contact us at

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