Below is a list of suggested movies and books. Any book or movie that addresses women's rights would be appropriate and help to raise awareness.


  • In Foreign Parts: The Trafficking of Women in Israel, by Ilana Hammerman
  • Disposable people: New Slavery in the Global Economy, by Kevin Bales
  • Sex Slave: The Trafficking of Women in Asia by Louise, T. Brown


  • Lilya 4-ever (Sweden 2004), Dir. Lukas Moodyson
  • Or (Israel/France 2004), Dir. Keren Yediah
  • Anamika – The Nameless (India 2005), Dir. Rajesh Touchriver
  • Women for Sale (Israel 2005), Dir. Nili Tal
  • Promised Land (Israeli 2004), Dir. Amos Gitai

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