The Task Force on Human Trafficking and Prostitution (TFHT) is the leading organization actively pursuing the eradication of human trafficking and prostitution in Israel.

For over a decade, TFHT has worked to make the voices of those trapped in the prostitution cycle heard, to ensure and protect their rights and to raise awareness of the Israeli public and the legislator regarding the shattering and violent effects of prostitution on those ensnared in the industry and on the public.

TFHT initiates and promotes new and amended legislation, instigates change in public policy and is influential in expanding public awareness and taking legal action for its cause, while maintaining excellent cooperative ties with law enforcement and social and rehabilitation services.

Since 2007, TFHT has been actively promoting the Nordic Model in Israel, which calls for the criminalization of prostitution consumers. TFHT has been an instrumental partner in composing and promoting the bill Prohibiting the Consumption of Prostitution. Following TFHT’s long struggle the Israeli parliament passed the bill prohibiting the consumption of prostitution on December 31st, 2018. In addition, the government authorized a budget increase of 90 million NIS to expand and improve rehabilitation programs for survivors of prostitution.

TFHT actively helps raise awareness to the devastating effects of prostitution by holding open lectures and academic panels on these issues and encouraging the public to discuss these topics openly and honestly.

TFHT is unique in that it acts as a liaison and facilitator between the aid and relief organizations, who work in the field, and policy makers and law enforcement. TFHT coordinates the Coalition Combating Prostitution, which includes a wide range of organizations (both public and privet) that work day and night offering assistance, rehabilitation

TFHT’s loyal relationship with the field workers, who represent the voices and needs of survivors of prostitution, and its active cooperation with public officials and law enforcement allows TFHT to instigate actual change both in the legal and the public arenas, which make a very real difference in the lives of countless survivors of prostitution and the general public.

TFHT sees itself as a member of the global struggle to eradicate prostitution and human trafficking. TFHT stands side by side all the organizations and non-profits, in various countries, who call on the world to adopt the Nordic Model, recently implemented in Israel.